Saturday May 14th at 2:30-4pm, Galleri Box in Göteborg, Sweden

In our fifth Sculpture Talk we expanded upon the field of sculpture and presented Sisters of Jam - Mikaela Kristensen in dialog with Karolina Pahlén curator at Borås Art Museum. We also showed part of S.O.J video installation from Kate Millett Farm. “It takes a million years to be a woman”, video 10 min. The talk also included The Temporary Separatists - artist Rose Gibbs and Sofia Landström.

The discussion took departure in the women collective Kate Millet Farm and the evolution of that community to expand into the ideas of sisterhood and working in collective. The dialog continued to revolve around the pros and cons with all-women-shows as a strategy to make women artists more visible especially when organizing exhibitions that does not have clear feminist or women issues as the core concept to tie the artists to one another. Since our sculptureHUB research and in extension the series of talks can be seen as explorations of different strategies for making women sculptors and artists visible, this conversation served as a good way of tying up the lecture series that have touched upon varying subjects such as; material, aesthetics and social practice.


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Documentation images by Martin Hultén