Last week SculptureHUB went to New York to meet with curators, institutions and artists based in the city. We are happy to have met so many inspiring people and thankful for everyones feedback on our project. The input will be helpful in our summation of our research and for the planning of our future exhibition project.

Amongst others we meet with Guerrilla Girl Frida Kahlo, who generously invited us to the preview opening of Agitprop! Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in which they were participating. We also had the pleasure to make connections for our future project with independent curators and organizations such as Independent Curators International -ICI with their own expansive networks of institutions and artists. The many interesting questions we were asked made us further consider how to work with information, create comprehensive research material, connect women and build up confidence amongst women artists and how to strive to explore categories and labels.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone that took time to meet with us and voice their opinions concerning our project. A special thank you to Helge Ax:son Johnsons foundation for supporting Sofias travels.

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