Tea with Nefertiti

When visiting Spain I was pleasantly surprised when I came across the exhibition Tea with Nefertiti at IVAM -the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern. Curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellratht and was originally shown at Mathaf, Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha and l’Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.

Tea with Nefertiti follows the current trend of exhibition methodology where works of art retrieved mainly from the hosting museums archives are placed in juxtapositions with either new work by contemporary artists or the museums permanent exhibition -such as at the Prado, the V&A or as here from the Egyptian Museum Collections/the metaphor of the bust of Nefertiti.

The large exhibition benefits from it´s non-chronological mix of time periods and geographic placement. This “confusion” urges you as a viewer to even further consider the connection between the art work / the artist and the theme proposed by the curators. A perfect example is the “ceramics section” that show Ai Weiwei´s Coco-Cola vase from 1997, Grayson Perry´s Wise Alan ceramic sculpture from 2007 right next to a Lusterware Bowl, Fatimid from the 10th Century.

My absolute favourite was Vik Muniz´s life size Tupperware sarcophagus that made me laugh out loud!

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Riga / Göteborg Network Continues

With a portfolie “speed-dating” and dinner event in collaboration with Galleri Box in Göteborg. Curators Solvita Krese – Director Latvian Center for Contemporary Art, Inga Lace – Curator and manager at Latvian Center for Contemporary Art and Independent Curator and Šelda Puķīte – Visual Arts sector adviser at the Culture Ministry of Republic of Latvia and xhibition program curator at Mans Doms.

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Art in the Time of Globalisation

What a bizarre experience it was to see Nicoline van Harskamps work Yours in Solidartity at the Survival Kit Festival in Riga (dated 2013) when I had just days before seen it at Göteborgs Konsthall (dated 2011) part of the GIBCA Göteborg International Biennale for Contemporary Art. The interesting part was to see how a work of art changes depending on the milieu – shown in a white cube setting with a high production value compared to in a more alternative venue with a shoestring budget. The slightly depressing part was how obvious the homogenization of the art world has become in the wake of Globalisation.

Above at Göteborgs Konsthall part of GIBCA

Above in Riga part of the Survival Kit Festival

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Snowball Cultural Productions participating in Symposium “Slow revolution: Art and Culture in the Institutional and Territorial Peripheries”

Part of the “Survival Kit 5” International Contemporary Arts Festival, which is organized by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) and took place from the 5th to the 15th September, 2013.

The seminar was scheduled for Thursday September 12th, from 11:00-18:00

Revolution as a collective activity usually occurs in a peripheral zone – territorial, ideological, economic or political – and aims at fundamentally changing the system dictated by the dominant force that is incapable or disinterested in securing public needs. Often, small gestures, interventions in the public space, partisan strategies, and involvement of inhabitants turn into strong impulses that can cause quite a significant change.

What can an artist, arts organizations and neighbourhood residents existing in the periphery of power do in this era of flourishing civic engagement? What kind of ‘arms’ and tools can be used? What do we want to change in the current situation?

For more info go to http://www.survivalkit.lv/en/symposium/

The symposium is organized in the framework of the short-term network where LCCA collaborates with culture project “Snowball Cultural Productions” in Gothenburg, Sweden, and curators’ platform “Rakett” in Bergen, Norway. Short-term network is supported by the Nordic Culture Point.

Inga Lace and Solvita Krese

Aida Eltorie (EG) The Changing Room: Altering the Simulation of Space

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Love Explosion

Göteborgs Konsthall’s 2013 summer exhibition Love Explosion is full on: a major group exhibition devoted to engagement, creativity and will power. Some twenty artists, musicians, playwrights, writers and actors participate in Love Explosion. The title indicates what it is all about, some kind of explosion. Which, hopefully, will lead to chain reactions.
Participating artists:
Patrik Bengtsson, Erik Berglin, Nina Bondeson, Gabo Camnitzer, Eva Dahlin, Omid Delafrouz, Den Stora Vilan, Elisabet Eriksson, Ulla Hammarsten McFaul, Frauke, Nilofar Kosheshi, Jonathan Ollio Josefsson,
Rasmus Lindgren, Sara Lännerström, Bo Melin, Mandana Moghaddam, MonoMono, Mattias Norström, Josefina Posch, Petra Revenue, Dana Sederowsky , Gustav Sparr, Surreal Lovers, Pecka Söderberg,
Mauritz Tistelö, Sara Trovik, Sofia Änghede
Ola Åstrand och Mikael Nanfeldt

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55th Venice Biennale Preview Days

This years preview days of the 55th Venice Biennale were delightfully rainy with rays of sun momentarily breaking through the clouds treating us visitors to a spectacular light phenomenon so typical for Venice. Maybe it was the weather or maybe the economy or maybe it was simply just me, but this year seemed less crowded and more relaxed than in recent years. Naturally there was too much to see and experience, some of it not making an impression on site but rather lingering in my mind to be rediscovered weeks later. The work that made an impression both during the preview and still holds my interest was most of all artist Kaspars Podnieks and Krišs Salmanis; North by North-East at the Latvian Pavillion curated by Anne Barlow, Courtenay Finn, Alise Tīfentāle. The slowsweeping tree offered a moment of calm and instantly transported me to a nordic leaf forrest. A welcoming break from the image overload of the rest of the arsenale.

The tree theme continued with the Falling Trees at the Finnish Alvar Aalto Pavilion where Antti Laitinen performed a deconstructed trees performance on site.

At the Dutch Pavillion Mark Manders; Room with Broken Sentence provided a welcoming new take on the body in contemporary sculpture.

Mel Brooks might have said sex is like pizza, even when it´s bad it´s good and this might very well go for Ai Wei Wei who´s overexposure slowly fades my interest but at the same time being just so annoyingly fascinating he still keeps me on my toes. In Venice his S.A.C.R.E.D. coffin like viewing boxes gave us an unusual insight in his (and other political prisoners in China) daily life while being under arrest, fittingly installed in the Sant’Antonin church which rarely is open to the public.

What struck me at the American Pavillion was, especially for Americans, the dead silence amongst the viewers who seemed in deep trance caught by the fascinating Triple Point installation by Sarah Sze.

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nordic art / Between Miracles opened at CCA- Tbilisi this past weekend

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nordic art / Between Miracles

Exhibition and Seminar at Center for Contemporary Art, Tbilisi, Georgia

Opening Reception March 7th
Seminar March 8th – 9th
Exhibition Continues until 7th April


Participating Artists:
Anders Smebye, NO
Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir & Mark Wilson, IS/UK
Elin Wikström in Collaboration with Denis Romanowski, SE
Eva Koch, DK
Josefina Posch, SE
Lars Laumann, NO
Leslie Johnson, SE
Sasha Huber, SF

Participating Organisations:
Bastard, NO
CCA-Tbilisi, GE
Kallio Kunsthalle, SF
Manymade, DK
Nýlo – The Living Art Museum, IS
Snowboard Cultural Productions, SE
Supermarket Art Fair and Magazine, SE
Wooloo.org, DK

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Launch of Manymade Nordic Crowd-fundraising Platform

Please support out upcoming exhibition and seminar in Tbilisi, Georgia by making a donation in exchange for some great rewards at the new Manymade Crowdfunding site for Nordic Art Projects.


It’s simple:

Artist and entrepreneurs raise money for their projects: like their newest film, computer game, book, concert or exhibition.

Contributors can follow their favourite artist as they develop their projects or discover new artists and projects. As a contributor you support projects by buying tributes created by the artist: that can be a book, a concert ticket, a personal dinner with the artist or a computer game etc.. Together crowds of contributors can help realize amazing projects while getting interesting things or experiences in return.

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Meetingpoint – Artists and Curators meet in Göteborg and Malmö

Yesterday at ‘Hey It’s Enrico Palazzo’ artists based in the Göteborg region had a chance to meet and ‘speed-date’ with several international curators in an impressive and much needed event organized by artist Anna Lamberg and Malmö Konsthall, Ystads konstmuseum, Göteborgs Konsthall, ELASTIC Gallery and Iaspis, in collaboration with Signal – Center for Contemporary Art. The project is headed by Jacob Fabricius (Malmö Konsthall), Ýrr Jónasdóttir (Ystads konstmuseum), Mikael Nanfeldt (Göteborgs Konsthall), Ola Gustafsson (ELASTIC Gallery), Lisa Rosendahl (Iaspis) och projektledare Anna Granqvist.

The curators included:

Ásdís Ólafsdóttir, Edi Muka, Elin Lundgren, Petter Pettersson, Elisabeth Millqvist, Fatima Hellberg, Helena Reckitt, Helga Just Christoffersen, Joasia Krysa, Johan Sjöström, Julia Rodrigues, Kristina Möster Nilsson, Markús Thór Andrésson, Rachel Dagnall, Robert Leckie, Stina Edblom, Stine Hebert, Theodor Ringborg, Ulrika Sten, Virginija Januškevičiūtė & Yrr Jónasdóttir

Thanks to all organizers and curators for a great and impressive event.

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